Anna had a car breakdown five days before her payday . He can’t do without him – he goes to work with him and brings children to school. But now all possible circles, a new briefcase and textbooks were true. He simply does not have the necessary three thousand for repair because he is paying off his mortgage. If the car broke down a week later!

Pavla recently became a mother, which in addition to great joy means a lot of expenses. Both her and her husband’s savings fell on a baby carriage, crib and car seat, and put aside money for diapers and many other things every month. Pregnancy, however, brought with it one major inconvenience – extensive inflammation of the teeth. But where do I get the necessary 2,000 CZK for a dentist?

The stories of Anna and Pavla are similar in many ways:

  • They need to borrow smaller amounts .
  • They need the money now.
  • They would hardly get a normal loan.


Ideal solution?

Ideal solution? Mikropůjčka!

Fortunately, their situation has an easy solution. A micro-loan , sometimes also called fast or Finnish, has several advantages:

  • Quick approve and send money
  • Amounts up to 4 999 CZK
  • Short maturity within a few weeks
  • Money on account within 24 hours

In particular, Pavel will appreciate that women on maternity leave can also obtain a micro-loan. Because of the low amounts, creditors do not have to verify the applicant’s income .


They are fast but not risk free

fast credit

Without revenue verification , the entire lending process will speed up, but on the other hand, there is nothing to prevent providers from raising high interest rates. A common problem of micro-loans is their addictiveness .

Seemingly small amounts attract many people to take fast loans , even if they do not need them. But even small amounts can become a much larger financial problem due to high interest rates and hidden charges.

But with fair providers, you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises. Not only do they look at the registers and protect you from a debt trap , but you won’t even see hidden charges.

But how do you know a fair provider? The same question was asked by analysts from Měš and compared a total of 13 micro-loans . For each provider they have listed their pluses and minuses , so you can conveniently decide who to avoid on the micro-loan market.

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