The maximum interest rate on credit cards may not exceed 10% per annum. The interest-free period usually lasts up to 61 days. What else is worth paying attention to when looking for a new credit card or want to transfer your card to another bank? 

At the beginning an explanation. The title of the ranking includes the wording ‘silver’, although the list also includes ‘classic’ and gold cards. Why? These banks do not offer silver credit cards and therefore, responding to our survey, they sent data on “classic” or gold cards. That’s the introduction.


What did we ask the banks about?

credit loan

In our surveys, we asked banks for basic information about the credit cards they issue:

  • interest-free period
  • interest on non-cash transactions for the card transferring customer
  • duration of interest on non-cash transactions for the customer transferring the card
  • standard interest rate for non-cash transactions
  • card issuance fee (for the client’s assumptions)
  • annual card fee (for the client’s assumptions).

The number of points we have awarded for each of the categories listed above can be checked in the box below.


What assumptions have we made?

credit loan

We assumed that our “model” customer is a person:

  • running a one-person household,
  • living in a city of over 100,000 inhabitants,
  • earning a monthly net income of PLN 4,410, employed under an employment contract of indefinite duration,
  • having a credit card with a limit of PLN 10,000 and no other credit obligations,
  • executing 10 non-cash transactions using a card for PLN 1,000 per month, i.e. PLN 12,000 per year.


Let’s check which bank offers the best silver credit card


Lead the statement form: credit card Rose Bank Silver credit card Visa Silver / MasterCard Silver Super Credit Bank Poland, credit card MasterCard Silver Bank of Daisy, Silver credit card Sampaguita Bank, credit card Visa / MasterCard Marble Bank and issued by White Mask Bank card Visa Classic credit card .


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